Business Lock rekey

There are many reasons why one would want to rekey their locks. The processes involved in doing so should be left to a professional lock smith like Pro Locksmith. When rekeying a lock, our locksmith has to access the cylinder and remove the springs and the pins and replace them. The new springs have to be compatible with the new key. Our locksmith at Pro Locksmith in Fort Lauderdalewill be able to rekey most locks if the locks are not malfunctioning and there is a need for a completely different style. These locks can still be used and even operating better than they were before they go rekeyed.

Change of ownership

Rekeying locks mostly happens when there is a change in the ownership of a property or when there is a need for key control. Key control is simply the process by which all keys that will operate certain locks are monitored. You will lose key control when keys are handed to individuals that should not have access to these keys. There is no telling who has access to a previously owned property. This is not the case with new properties as the contractor would have had the keys in his possession.

When you get the keys to a property it might be possible that the contractor key will still give them access to your new property. This is due to the master pins that might still be present in the main lock. For every master pin that is left in the lock it gives access to two keys. In some cases, there are as much as eight master pins that are left in the lock and that means that as much as sixteen different keys will be able to give access to your property. This is the main reason why you should rekey the locks to your new property or any property you recently purchase. This will allow only the keys that you want to work, to work.

Benefits to rekeying

There are many benefits to rekeying a lock. It gives the locksmith a chance to examine the lock and the installation and determine if rekeying the lock is, the best option or completely replacing it. When a lock is rekeyed, it is normally greased and this will make a lock operate much more smoothly. Some of the problems that you face with locks can be identified and eliminated by rekeying your locks.

There are some manufacturers that provide locks that even customers can rekey. These are not the traditional locks that we have all come to know and appreciate. These types of locks have many more intricate parts and this makes them easier to malfunction and easier to pick that many traditional locks.

Replacing locks

You have to be aware that it won’t be applicable to rekey locks in certain circumstances. Sometime locks just need to be changed. Due to wear and tear locks can reach a point where the only option is to replace the lock. Upgrading the locks, you have installed is never a bad idea. You have to consider the safety of your business and business rekey lock helps with that. It is only common sense to invest in the best locking systems that you can find.

There is some business that decides to change their locks not for security reasons but for aesthetic reasons. There are also those who want their locks changed to ensure access by the disabled. There is an alternative to knob lock that are easier to use and better looking, the locks with a lever handle. Deadbolts are essential to basic security and many providers offer a variety that has an interior thumb that can be operated without grasping. Electronic lock is getting more common, but the reality of these locks is that they are less about security and much more about ease of convenience.

The cheaper alternative

Rekeying will be cheaper and sometimes the better option but this might not be applicable in all instances. You will need the expertise of our locksmith at Pro Locksmith in Fort Lauderdaleto determine if you need to get new locks or if rekeying is sufficient. You should know that our locksmith might have the best-quality hardware than anything you might find in a hardware store. If you decide to change your locks you must always keep that in mind. The improvement of your security is the most important reason you will ever have to get your locks rekeyed. Rekeying you locks will make them feel like new.

There are many reasons to rekey your lock. As a business, most reasons you have for business rekey lock has to deal with security reasons. If an employee is fired and they never return you business’s keys it is a very good idea to rekey the locks of your business. Regardless of the reason why you would need to rekey your locks, it is sometimes a better option to the alternative and it will save you a lot of money and heartache.

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