Deadbolt Install & Repair

There aren’t a lot of reasons why a deadbolt might need repairs. The main reason is because it is jammed. The constant use of the deadbolt can be another major reason why you need to repair a dead bolt. Natural processes like erosion and rust are also reasons you might need to get your deadbolt repaired. The effects of erosion and rust can cause your deadbolt to not fit into the hole. It is very common for the mechanism of the deadbolt to be working well, but it does not fit in the hole.

There are several other reasons why you might need to repair your deadbolt in Fort Lauderdale and the following gives a list of reasons why you should call our locksmiths at Pro Locksmith.

Rust builds up and sediment buildup

These are two other factors that won’t allow your deadbolt to fit in the hole anymore. You could try cleaning the deadbolt hole out if the lock feels a bit stiff when you are closing or opening the door. If the problem still remains, then there is more likely another reason why your deadbolt is not working.

The time it takes to repair a deadbolt

The time it takes for our locksmith at Pro Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale to repair a deadbolt relies on a few factors. The time length taken to fix a deadbolt varies because the problem varies or there is a combination of problems. Simply greasing the deadbolt can fix it in certain instances and in others you might need to replace the entire lock. The time taken can range from a few minutes to a several hours.

Tip for installing deadbolts

Many people are worried about intruders and for good reason. The rate at which homes are broken into is increasing and has been doing so for several years. The concerns that home owners have are justified. A great option to ensure the protection of your family is installing a deadbolt on a safety room somewhere in your house that you can gather your family just in case your house is broken into. While the intruder spends time trying to gain access to that room you will be able to call the police and keep your family safe until they arrive.

Regardless of how sturdy a deadbolt is constructed or how strong the construction materials are, all locks will wear out eventually. The first sign that your deadbolt needs repair is when it starts sticking. This may be because of a few reasons like the strike plate and the bolt are not aligned or the pins in the lock are misshapen. Deadbolts are very simple machines, but they are made with several moving parts. In the situation that these moving parts stop moving then your deadbolt will become a security risk.

Replacing or repairing deadbolts

The deadbolt install and repair is easier and cheaper than buying new one. However there are cases where the cost to repair the deadbolt is far more than what it would cost to replace it. In this scenario it makes more sense to simply get a new bolt installed. It will be cheaper and there is never anything wrong with replacing locks for new ones.

How do you assess when it is time to change your locks? There are several indications on when it is time to replace your locks. It might be time to change or repair your locks when your keys won’t fit. When your keys start sticking in your lock you need to repair or replace it before the problem get worse. The worst could be getting your keys stuck in the lock at the most inappropriate time and situation.

If you realize that the strike plate in not aligned, this is also a good reason to replace or repair your deadbolt. This can be caused by some reason you would not believe. Take for instance the foundation of your house. If your house moves slightly because of earthquake or any such reason your deadbolt will become misaligned. This misalignment can also be due to the warping of your door or doorway just slightly. It does not take much to misalign your deadbolt.

If the expert advice given to an individual by our locksmith at Pro Locksmith, is to change the locks, then that is what that person should do. It may also be wise for that person to invest in a higher security deadbolt lock. These types of locks are the highest-grade locks that you will find on the market. The deadbolt install and repair is as much an important factor as the lock itself. You need to get our skilled professional locksmith at Pro Locksmith in Fort Lauderdaleto install you lock. This will limit the chances of a bad installation that could compromise the security of your property. Our locksmiths will supply you with written estimates for the installation the will clearly outline each needed item and the cost for each.