Residential Lock Rekey

The main reason you have for rekeying your locks it to eliminate the possibility of intruders having access to you home. This could be because you lost your keys or they were stolen. It could be the situation that your contractor still has keys that will allow access to your home. If you had a roommate and they move out for whatever reason, but never returned the keys is also a great reason to get your locks rekeyed. If you are not the first person to live in your home, you need to get the locks rekeyed as soon as you occupy the residence, you have no idea how many people still have a key that will give them access to your home.

Rekeying can get expensive. The bigger your home is and the more lock you have to rekey the more expensive it will be to get the job done. You can DIY with specialized kits design just for home owners. It is still recommended that you get the expertise and skills of our professional locksmith at Pro Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale. This will limit the money you spend. Rekeying a lock is not as simple as it seems to many people and you might end up creating a more expensive problem trying to do the repair yourself. If you do decide to DIY you have to be aware that each rekeying kit is designed for a specific brand of lock and will not be able to use on another brand. If you are lucky, all the locks in your house will be the same brand if not you will need to get a kit specifically for each brand. You can get these kits at your local hardware store or you can check online for a distributor.

What you get in a Lock rekey kit for your home

Each kit is different, but the items supplied are similar. You will get items to rekey approximately six locks with the option to get more pins that will allow you to do more. This kit will work on regular locks as well as deadbolt locks. You will get a pair of keys and all required tools except for a screwdriver. The keys you currently have for your locks you will need them to help remove the cylinder so you should not throw them out just yet.

The following is a step by step process used by us to lock rekey.

Step one

Removing the door knob – To remove the knob off the door, the wire tool that is included in the kit should be inserted in the hole in order to depress the clip. With this released you can simply pull the knob off the door. You need to use your key to unlock the door then remover the cylinder hosing and the knob.

Step two

The retainer ring removal – Use the retainer tool and push it on the retainer ring and this will make the ring pop of the cylinder. When you have done this successfully, you can place the ring somewhere safe until ready to replace it.

Step three

Removing the cylinder plug – You need to use your key to turn the cylinder. You then can remove the plug with the aid of the supplied plug follower. You do so when you push the plug follower in the cylinder. You have to ensure you keep the pressure constant between both plug and plug follower. This will stop the pins and the springs from coming out. You have to take precautions now, when you remove the cylinder from the cylinder. The spring and the pins of the cylinder are found in the cylinder’s top. This pressurizes the keyed pins. Until the cylinder plug is removed you need to hold the plug follower as tight to the cylinder plus as you can. This will stop the pins and springs from coming out and if they do, all is required is that you check the instruction sheet on how to reinsert them.

Step four

Pin insertion and reassembly – Remove the old pins and install the new pins. You can use a tweezer or a plier with a needle nose. You need to follow the color code that is laid out on the instruction sheet to align the new pins.

Although the rekeying kit comes with most of the tools you need for lock rekey, you will still need a few additional tools of your own to complete the project. Some of the additional tools that you may need for the project includes a screwdriver, a needle nose pliers and a tweezer. The remaining tools are provided in the rekeying tool kit. Although this kit is available to you, and it will eventually cost you less to rekey your locks, it is still recommended that you hire our professional locksmith at Pro Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale to do the job.