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Pro Locksmith offers cost-effective locksmith services that are of the highest caliber. We can help you with your locksmith requirements in Lantana, FL whether you reside in Florida or are just visiting. Your local business’s lock service needs may be met by our locally based locksmith company, which is prepared and equipped to assist. Fast locksmith services are available from Pro Locksmith, which helps you retain more money in your wallet.

To meet the demands of every one of our clients, our locksmiths are skilled professionals who can do a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to mounting, replacing, repairing locks, accessing very secure locking systems, and cutting keys, etc. Contact us for additional details on our residential, business, automobile, or emergency services; we’d be pleased to help!

Emergency Locksmith

Why Choose Us?

Our objective is to give you the best possible care. Our family is looking after yours! Our staff of locksmiths provides lock service evaluations for each task and is highly qualified.

Locksmith specialists

Our staff of locksmiths provides lock service evaluations for each task and is highly qualified. Like Pro Locksmith, you need a dependable locksmith service in Lantana, FL.

Dependable services

You should choose a dependable locksmith like Pro Locksmith in the region. In Lantana, Florida, we ensure everyone is handled properly. Connect us!!

Friendly and supportive

When you want expert locksmith services in Lantana, FL, we ensure that everyone is treated professionally.

Our professional locksmith services

Utilizing a reliable locksmith service in Lantana, FL is a good choice. Give us a call if you have any concerns regarding the security of your house. All new locks, including smart locks, may be installed and explained by us for your home.

– Services for rekeying door locks and replacing keys

– Replacing outdated locks with new ones

– Opening lock-equipped filing cabinets and safes

Find a reputable locksmith nearby.

Emergencies can occur at any time or location even in your own house. While you wait for assistance, you can lock yourself out of your home or get a car breakdown on the side of the road. When these situations arise (and they will), it’s crucial to be ready with an emergency locksmith so that you don’t expose yourself to risk by being without access to essential tools like door keys in Lantana, Florida.

Residential entrances and closets, vehicle lockout repairs, business unlocks, and vacation resort lockouts are just a few of our services. Our group moves rapidly to ensure everything is fixed before anything goes wrong.


Kelly Armasi
Kelly Armasi
They were super responsive, professional and did a great job getting my back into my house quickly! I will absolutely recommend.
Locked my keys in my car and technician came within 20 minutes of calling and had the car unlocked within 5 minutes. Overall great service. Highly recommend.
May Wolfe
May Wolfe
Avi was very professional he made me a spare key to my car in 5 minutes and the price was very good better than the dealer. Highly recommend.
Oscar Wilkins
Oscar Wilkins
They were able to make a copy of my keys. Friendly and helpful staff. Very satisfied with their work. Highly recommend.
Jason Holders
Jason Holders
Avi did a fantastic job coming to fix our locks. He arrived in a very timely fashion and gave us new keys and a lock.Highly recommend.
Nicoy Latouche
Nicoy Latouche
Very professional and prompt. Pro locksmith delivered great quality products and even better customer service.
Munis Paul
Munis Paul
Very professional, unlocked my Car within minutes. Pleased with the service.
Clément Bourbeau
Clément Bourbeau
Avi from Pro Locksmith did a great job. He tried every means at his disposal to unlock my door in the cheapest way possible before being forced to put in a new lock and door knob. Very professional and highly recommended.
Katie Kling
Katie Kling
Avi from Pro Locksmith is best! Very nice staff. They Cut keys on site which is becoming more of a rarity these days. Prices are very reasonable.
Lanie Rox
Lanie Rox
Avi did an amazing job with my key fobs. He came to my home explained everything to me and was thorough and very experienced. His prices were much better than the dealerships and all of the other locksmiths in the area. Thanks for a great job! Highly recommended Pro Locksmith!

Locksmith Services Lantana

Locksmith Price Guide

Service Average Cost*
Car Lockout $55– $95
Car Lockout $55 – $95
Commercial van lockout $95 – $150
RV lockout $95- $250
Trunk lockout $95 – $250
Semi trailer lockout $150 – $250
Residential Lock repair $55 – $150
Business lock repair $75 – 250
Residential Smart lock $250 and UP
Commercial smart lock 450$ and UP
Smart lock installation $75 – $350
House Lockout $75– $150 And UP
Business Lockout $95 – $150
Mailbox lockout $75 – $150
Storage Lockout $95 – $150
Officelock out $75 – $150
Key Extraction $75 – $150 And UP
Lock Change $75 – $350 And UP
Safe lockout $120 – $450
padlock lockout $55 – $95
Lock Rekeying $40– $95 and UP
Car Key Made $95 – $280 & UP
Car Key Program $75 – $150 & UP
Access Control System Start from $499 and UP
Door adjustment Start from $250
Door repair Start from $250

Trust is Key

Security is a priority and we can give you the key to security. We at Pro Locksmith Fort Lauderdale, focus on customer satisfaction and offer quality solutions with integrity. We are professional, reliable, fully qualified, and registered locksmiths providing advanced security solutions for your home and business. You can trust our Lantana locksmiths, will deal with all security issues that help keep you safe and satisfied.

We offer the best locksmith services in Lantana zip codes 33462, 33464, 33465.

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