Master Key System

This is a plan that selects certain keys that will open certain pre-defined locks. This is convenient and it helps to regulate control. It also helps to save money on replacement of keys. There are fewer keys so there is less possibility of losing keys. The master key system installed by Pro Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale allows quick access to the rooms on your premises. This system is a convenient one that has the capability of saving someone’s life in emergency situations.

Access points

The caretaker is in charge of the system and it will allow him access to all the doors on his property. Each employee is given a key that gives them main access, but not everywhere, only to the main entrance and their individual offices and the business cabinets if applicable. The master keys allow access to all the doors on the compound.

A master system is specifically designed by our locksmiths at Pro Locksmith to satisfy your security needs, regardless of the installation, commercial, small, residential, complex or large. This is a key plan that is tailor made that includes a cylinder numbering plan and a logical key that allows flexibility and will last.

This is regularly defined as the essence of mechanical control of modern access systems. This type of system is perfect for all types of applications including residential property, commercial property and apartment buildings that would normally need hundreds of keys to access the different areas.

Less keys

Our master key plan eliminates the need for a large number of keys and this improves security procedures. Keeping control of who holds which key to which room for security reasons. This refers to a situation in which emergency services required quick access to all rooms without the need to search through hundreds of keys to find the one they need.

Having a key system like this will limit the number of keys the caretaker has to have regardless of the size of the property and the number of areas that need access. This means he can have a maximum number of keys that is equivalent to about one percent of all the keys needed to access all the areas on his property.

Similar concepts

Most locks are designed on a similar concept regardless of how much variation is available. This is why it is possible for our locksmiths to create a master key that will give you access to areas locked with different types of locks. Locks may vary in size, shape, and design, but the core is always similar. Cylinder type locks are the most common locks in existence. The locks operate when the lock cylinder or the lock plug is turned by the key and it turns the cam that is attached. When you turn the key and it turns the plug, the cam is pulled to the bolt and the door will open. When the key is turned the other way the process reverses and the cam will release the bolt. The spring snaps into place and the door is locked and won’t open again until you turn the key in the other direction.

The master key designed by our locksmiths at Pro Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale is the key the caretaker uses to gain access to all the locked areas on his premises and to really understand why it works the way it does you have to first understand how locks in general works. The cylinder is much like a puzzle with the pieces fitting together only one way. The way the puzzle is designed is due to the variation of the lock design itself. The pin and tumbler are the most common design of puzzles.

Our master key system is a security feature. It will aid in gaining access to areas where you lost access by whatever means. If there’s a set of keys that give access to all locked areas on a compound including rooms in a hotel or apartment building, even if the room owner loses their keys or for some reason refuse to give access to the caretaker, he will be able to access the area and solve the problems. The control key is a special key in the master key system. This key has the ability to change the locking mechanism so that it takes access away from a particular key. This works well in situations where keys are lost or stolen. The control key will ensure that that key or keys are not able to open the lock. This is very cost effective in that you won’t need to constantly change the locks. You just have to change the keys and modify the lock. It is important to understand that the main entry access should never be included in your master key system. Getting our master key system incorporated into your premises security protocol will save you a lot in the long run and it will help in deterring criminals from trying to gain access to your premises. Our locksmiths at Pro Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale are very experienced and can set up the master key system.

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