Push bar Install & Repair

You might need to install push bars if your office is located in a certain area. This might be a requirement of the law. It is a part of an emergency security hardware. When you are ready to get a push bar installed, you would need the services of our expert locksmith at Pro Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale. The fact is that our professional locksmith will be able to do the installation at any time that is convenient. Installing panic bars with a security system is the best way to protect your employees and your customers alike.

Push bar

Allows people to leave a building as quickly as they can in emergency situations. These bars are required by law on every commercial building, including restaurants, government facilities, hospital, schools and shopping centers. They have to be installed anywhere that people gather in numbers.

Types of doors.

There are certain doors that a panic bar can be installed on. These doors include glass door, wood doors, metal doors, heavy duty doors, single and double door and aluminum. The operating options that are available for these doors are as follows:

  • Bars that have an alarm
  • Bars that have electric strikes
  • Bars that have keypads installed
  • Bars that have touch or cross bars installed
  • Trims with a variety of functions
  • Bars that have a variety of mounting heights
  • Bars that have vertical bars
  • Bar services

Panic bars

Sometimes referred to as crash bars, panic devices, panic bars offer easy access and allows for an easy exit form a variety of places while there is an emergency happening. The building code requires institution and public service buildings to get push bars installed for safety. The next time you are in a public building, you should observe where they are just in case.

In certain circumstances a panic bar can save someone’s life. The mechanical operation of a push bar is what makes it able to save lives. The bars are installed by our locksmiths at Pro Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale on the interior of the door that allows you to open the door in an outer direction. When there is an emergency occupant can quickly exit the building by pressing on the bar which will release the lock and allow the people to leave.

The Law

The law required the installation of push bars on certain buildings because of an incident in Victorian England that made planning officials make the decision to make the law. There has to be a way for a lot of people to exit a building in an emergency.

As a business owner it is important for you to understand that push bars are essential and are required by law. They are instruments of safety that needs to be installed on all commercial buildings

Panic bars are installed by our trained professional technicians. Below is a step by step process to installing a panic bar.

Step one

The first thing that is to be done is the measuring of the door. Our locksmiths have to measure from the face of the door to where the lock is.

Step two

The next thing we have to do is choose the right device for our operation. Most bars can be cut to fit the door. The touch bar needs to be about half this length.

Step three

The function and the trim need to be selected. If the functions are for exit only then there will be no need for an exterior trim.

Step four

The strike has to be determined.

Step five

 The lock templates need to be installed on the door.

Step six

We will need to cut a hole in the door where we plan to install the cylinder.

Step seven

We need to pre-drill holes in the door and the door frame as indicated in the template. Regular screws are applicable to keep the bar in place on metal and wood doors. Bolts are required for doors that are rated for fire with a mineral core.

Step eight

Secure the bar to the door. Secure the caps with the screws provided. Some caps will slip right on.

Step nine

Any trim or cylinder needs to be installed via the front door. We then slide cylinder’s tailpiece through the hole we made in the exit device. The connecting rod needs to get aligned. We need to fasten the trim with the fasteners provided, from the interior of the door.

Step ten

The last thing to do is to secure the strike on the frame. We need to test the bar to ensure it is in good working order. We can use some shims to bring the strike closer to the bar. The strike may need to be adjusted a few times before the device works properly due to the tolerance requirement on the device.

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